Letting go of my teenager

Holding my child close is easier than letting go of my teenager. 

Once upon a time, there was a planet called James who lived in the solar system of Fun. At the center of this universe was a twin star called The Parents, shining love to nurture and help Planet James grow strong, brave and happy. The weather on this little planet was active. Mostly sunny conditions could change without warning into something dark, foul and boisterous. While maddening, these storms were temporary and essential to the little planet’s growth — something The Parents needed to remind themselves of from time to time. 

Over the years, Planet James orbited The Parents and frolicked with other friendly planets, cosmic cousins and dog stars. There were many moons of celebration. Interstellar visitors were always welcome; the universal language was Play. When Planet James broke the rules set by the Parents, there were squalls of Time Outs and No Play Dates, but these were temporary. Crashing into the little planet were the occasional meteors of doubt, fear, uncertainty, sadness and disappointment. Although unavoidable, Planet James learned to understand and negotiate these collisions with help from The Parents and other bright stars of enlightenment

Every day the weather is different on Planet James.  Some are stormy, others are bright. Some days The Parents hover too close, which makes Planet James angry. Other days Planet James wants them near.

As the little planet grows and matures, it begins its transformational journey into the next stage of life. The Parents continue to stay involved; communicating, setting limits, and always shining love upon Planet James.

Letting go is hard.

There are days that I miss my little planet and his solar system of Fun. Now I am witness to the crossover from youth to adulthood. A coming of age. A hero’s journey

As a mom I still want to give my child advice, teach him not to fear suffering, encourage him to follow his bliss, and support him during his journey. It’s a delicate balance of push and pull.

Holding my child close is easier than letting go of the teenager.

In the end I have to trust myself and believe I did the best I could as a mom. He’s on his way.

What do you think?

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