How to let go of your attachments

Let go

Can you let go of your attachments? Can you let go of the emotional dependence you place on your identity, things, or people? It’s not easy.

Here’s a little exercise I picked up from Awakened Mind: One-Minute Wake Up Calls to a Bold and Mindful Life hat helps when I find myself too wrapped up in some thing, or someone. Watching my son’s soccer game last night helped put my attachment to a situation in perspective. His team was getting crushed and I was squirming in my seat. There was chaos on the field; another goal scored. The team was going to lose. So what?  So what if they were losing?  I’m not a player on the team. Let go, I thought. Let go of my attachment to losing.

I made a fist with my right hand and in it I put that thought, that attachment to winning a losing game. I inhaled deeply. When I exhaled, I opened my fist and let go of my attachment. I felt much better and could enjoy the rest of the game by being aware and present. An observer on the sidelines, in the right place, with the right people at the right time. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The same thing happens with my writing. I pour my heart and soul into my work, and then I choke on the details. I worry about mistakes, urgency, and deadlines. But I’m focusing on the wrong things. I realize that I need to let go, have a little faith in myself, and be present.

The next time you’r faced with anxiety, worry, fear, anger, frustration, or anything depleting your emotional reserves, try this little ritual to rid yourself of your attachments.

1) Think of every little worry, fear, or frustration that weighs you down, or that’s burdensome to you at this moment. It could be the mulch pile in your driveway, or your son heading to college in six weeks, or hurtful words someone said to you.

2) Make a fist with your hand and place all of your thoughts into it.

3) Breathe in. Breathe out.

4) Open your palm and symbolically let it all go.

Feel better? How do you let go of your attachments?

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