Play dates and gratitude

James (at 3 years-old)


Yesterday, I took my son to his friend’s house for a play date.

I wound up staying there and chatting with my friend for more than an hour. When my son looked at me and asked why I was still there, I told him that I’m having my own play date. I had so much fun catching up with my friend, looking at photo books, exchanging ideas, listening to what new things were ahead for her, and enjoying her company.

We continued to talk about seeking balance in our work and home lives. And then my friend shared something she learned from a recent leadership conference she was involved with. Instead of saying the words: ‘I have to…’ replace it with: ‘I get to…’ That idea stuck with me. Often grown-ups can express things in a way that sounds negative (especially to little ears) like: ‘I have to go to work.’ Instead, we should say: ‘I get to go to work.’

I remind myself that many people in our world don’t get to go to work, or drive a car, or wrap gifts, or buy groceries, or read a book, or play tennis, or stretch. I get to do all of these things, and more. For that, I am forever grateful.

What do you think?


  1. Tricia

    This one’s going to be tough. Especially since I might follow the words “I get to go to work” with “and then I get to stick pins in my eyes.” But I’ll try. Gratitude is a good virtue and is sadly underutilized.

    1. Post

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