Don’t waste another moment of your life

rainbow moment‘Don’t waste another moment’ is a pledge to myself: a goal, a mantra.

I need to make space for the future by letting go of the past. I know that I cannot forget the past.  I just don’t need to get stuck in history. Thinking of what could have been breeds regret and anger. Moving forward matters.

Hanging on to old stuff, like the toys my teenager doesn’t play with anymore, clutters my mind and the basement. So little by little I’m getting rid of the junk and seeing new possibilities.

Likewise, I may dream of what the future holds for me and my family and forget about now. It is the movement in my mind that overwhelms and exhausts me, creating a feeling of busyness. Instead of rushing around, considering my next move, or ruminating about the next appointment, practice, or event on the calendar, I can channel my inner Zen and “settle the self on the self.” 

I have found that when I observe what I do at the time I am doing it, I can embrace the full beauty of the present and let go of all else, if only for a moment. I have the power to settle into myself and change the busyness of my day into daily cherished moments.

Our lives are full of details. When we stop and take notice, we fill ourselves with little gems that sparkle in the light of the moment:

+ At dusk, a boy points to the turquoise hue of the fading sun. 

+ Outside my window, the green plumage of the majestic ash flutters in the rain. 

+ My mouth waters for another succulent bite of sweet orange. 

Details matter in our lives and inspire the stories we tell. Let’s stay awake and take time to notice the details wherever we are. 

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