Life with Beck – Curious Blue Ninja

Curious Ninja before the blue marker incident

At 7 months old and 50 plus pounds, our floppy-eared boxer puppy is a curious ninja. One afternoon, stealth plus boredom created a blue dog.

While my husband was busy, Beck crept into the playroom and stole a blue marker sitting in a container on James’s art table. Holding the plastic tube between his paws while lying in the dining room, Beck happily gnawed his prize. His powerful jaws and tenacity paid off when he finally punctured the marker. The washable blue ink burst in his mouth, oozing over his chin, paws and chest.

When Rob finally checked on Beck, it was too late. Our curious ninja and white carpet were stained blue.

Beck’s brazenness, however, does not stop at blue markers. He has filched and consumed items such as: pens, pencils, erasers, small toys, underwear, swiffer dusters, disposable plastic gloves, and dryer sheets. I’m sure there’s more, but these are the things we have witnessed either going in or coming out.

And what goes in must come out, right? For the next day and a half after the marker incident we marveled over Beck’s bright blue poop.

While we have moved the irresistible color markers far from Beck’s mouth, we know that our curious ninja will find a way to get into something else.

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