How aware of the world are you?

Ah, Monday. I’m not a big fan of Monday – the start of the school-week, work-week and creating yet another “to do” list. However, Monday is a fine day for introspection, wool-gathering and awareness because it is a new beginning.

Are you aware of the world around you?

When you step outside of your ego and look around you, what is the first thing you see? Is it a field of purple irises, or a bunch of weeds? Does the grass tickle your feet when you walk barefoot in your yard? Did you notice the cardinal resting in a tree?

When you notice a piece of art, what do you see ? Is it abstract, beautiful, or terrifying? When you read a story, or poem how does it make you feel – happy, sad, peaceful, apathetic? When you speak with a friend, co-worker or child what do you hear? Is it excitement, enthusiasm, or hysteria?

Do you see the world in all its splendor, power and depth? Can art and poetry lead us more deeply into that realm?

We hit a bump. We fall off the horse. We get back on the carousel. There is no end in sight. But isn’t it a beautiful ride?

What do you think?

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