What would life look like without creativity?

by James 2010

Boring. White. Sad. Awful. Unhappy. Stuck. Blobby.

Creativity and imagination are what’s needed in life to see things beyond what’s visible. If we have no creativity, we have no imagination. If we have no imagination, we have lost our childhood. Not to go Orwellian on you, but there would be no books, no fantasies, no flying machines.

No muppets, no monsters, no Disney. No bikes, no televisions, no computers. No law of gravity.  No Picasso. No Beatles. No Citizen Kane (Rosebud).  No Spielberg. No Internet. No Apple. No iPods.

No Shel Silverstein. No Wegmans. No Frank Lloyd Wright. No Zappos. No Vegas. No MadMen. (Aren’t you wishing for the next season already?) No sex. No children. No moms. No religion. No God. No heaven. No hell. No earth.


I would not be here typing these thoughts. I would not be here immersed in the messy chaos of my family. I. Would. Not. Be.

What do you think?

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