Why I love writing for Rochester Magazine 

Rochester Magazine Covers

I love writing for Rochester Magazine. I don’t get to write for the magazine very often, but when I do (pick me! pick me!) it’s exciting. I know I’m part of an award winning, accomplished team of artists who are doing something they love. I get to be in the “creative” circle. Heck, I even […]

Lessons from women dumped by women

Dumped - the book

If you’ve ever been dumped, ditched or unfriended by a woman friend, or girlfriend, then you know how devastating that loss feels. Friendships give us meaning and purpose. When we have our best gal pals around, we feel wanted, trusted and good about ourselves. The relationship with our women friends reduce stress and lift us up. […]

The inconvenience of life

mummy – Kristine Bruneau

I want to have a full and joyful life. I want to have a life overflowing with laughter, movement, grace and love – and inconvenience. I chose marriage. I chose motherhood. I chose writing. I chose to share my motherhood journey in front of strangers. I chose to work from home. My choices have brought me tremendous […]

Do you know any Rochester Women to Watch?

rochester women

I’m pleased to share that I’m a contributing writer for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and its  “Woman to Watch” column. The “Woman to Watch” column runs on Tuesdays, and since I share duties with another writer, my interviews with Rochester women appear about every other week both online and in print. The Rochester women to watch that you read about are […]