What new and expectant moms need

EPSON MFP imageIf you’re a new or expectant mom, what else do you need besides baby gear to help you navigate the maze of information and transition to motherhood?

Eleven years ago I was pregnant for the first time, clueless about babies, and desperate for help. I got lucky because my friend Susan was pregnant with baby number two. She showed me the ropes from choosing the right breast pump and explaining how it works (insert boob here), to buying maternity clothes (you need more sizes than you think), and most important of all – she was a great listener.

But not everyone has a pregnant sherpa to guide them. Two recent startups in Rochester, NY — Beyond the Bump and Baby Bump Academy — aim to help fill that void, offering advice on everything from products to exercise. Click on the  link to read the rest of the article at the Democrat and Chronicle.  If the link has “expired,” click here to read the PDF: Support_for_new_and_expectant_moms.


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