Unaccompanied minors: part 1

Unaccompanied minors

What happens when unaccompanied minors travel from Granada, Spain to live with you for three weeks during summer? They become family. Unaccompanied minors is a special service some airlines have for children who are flying alone. Our sleepy unaccompanied minors arrived around midnight July 12th from Granada, Spain. A few hours later, 13 year-old twins […]

Hope and redemption for Mad Men

mad men

If I were to send a letter to Matthew Weiner – the creator of Mad Men – it would go something like this: Dear Matthew Weiner, Thank you for creating one of the best shows on earth.  I will miss anticipating what’s next in the life of Don Draper and watching the cast of characters evolve and express their […]

Pep Talk


I need a pep talk.  Speaking in front of a large group of people isn’t something I do often. In fact, it’s downright scary. I’ve written about it before in my blog post about the fear of public speaking, which ironically, led me to Listen To Your Mother.  On the eve of “show time,” I am […]

God gave me the bench

the bench sq

God gave me the bench in the park. He said to give my thoughts to it whenever I wanted. He explained that I am not built to carry so much anger, fear, guilt, sadness, resentment and shame. Crafted by the hands of boys hoping to earn a badge of honor, the bench is sturdy. It can bear […]