Unaccompanied minors: part 1

Unaccompanied minors

What happens when unaccompanied minors travel from Granada, Spain to live with you for three weeks during summer? They become family. Unaccompanied minors is a special service some airlines have for children who are flying alone. Our sleepy unaccompanied minors arrived around midnight July 12th from Granada, Spain. A few hours later, 13 year-old twins […]

Why I love writing for Rochester Magazine 

Rochester Magazine Covers

I love writing for Rochester Magazine. I don’t get to write for the magazine very often, but when I do (pick me! pick me!) it’s exciting. I know I’m part of an award winning, accomplished team of artists who are doing something they love. I get to be in the “creative” circle. Heck, I even […]

Five tips for being a successful sports parent 

soccer parents

What makes a successful sports parent? While at my son’s soccer game on Sunday, – Father’s Day – I saw most parents rooting for their boy’s team and enjoying the game. Also watching the game from the sidelines was a lone ranger-of-a-dad, muttering to himself. His son’s team was losing. The referee made a call […]

Shopping for Coke with my thirteen-year-old


My thirteen-year-old son James is way too big to ride in a shopping cart like he used to when he was three. Plus, shopping with mom is “boring.”  He would prefer to play Xbox or shoot soccer balls in the backyard over walking around the grocery store to buy food.  To my surprise, however, one Saturday when I casually […]