Challenging notions: what is cruel?


While walking in the park with Beck one morning, I stopped to speak to an elderly lady with two small dogs. “You didn’t crop the ears,” she said, referring to Beck’s floppy ears, and then pausing to lean on her cane. “We chose not to,” I said, over her small barking terrier running circles around […]

Tomorrow is a better day

“Tomorrow is a better day.” James says from the bubbly tub. I groan and roll my eyes as I try and cajole my (then) 8-year-old, who was busy organizing and dunking his jungle of animals, to wash his hair. “You’re supposed to wash your hair when you bathe,” I say. “It’s part of getting clean.” […]



In a few moments of terror on 9/11/01, the World Trade Center in New York City was “bombed.” More than three thousand lives were lost when two hijacked jets tore through New York’s skyline and crashed the stoic Twin Towers. Minutes later, a third plane smashed the Pentagon. But the nightmare wasn’t over. A fourth […]