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I'm boredsq

It’s good to be bored

"Mom, I'm bored," said James, lying on the couch in the family room. I'd like to tell him to get up and go do something, like take the dog … [Read More...]

blue mood2

The uncertainty of weather and teenagers

Uncertainty is a fundamental characteristic of weather and teenagers. This morning is sunny, dry, and windless. The clouds are playing … [Read More...]

Let go

How to let go of your attachments

Can you let go of your attachments? Can you let go of the emotional dependence you place on your identity, things, or people? It's not … [Read More...]

world cup2

World Cup 2014 Frenzy

The frenzy of World Cup soccer was evident yesterday – June 12 – at my house. My twelve-year-old has been gearing up for weeks to get into … [Read More...]


Respect starts within

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Courtney Macavinta, youth development expert and co-founder of The Respect Institute, as part … [Read More...]