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Lessons from the Your Turn Challenge

I took on the Your Turn Challenge – a seven day blogging challenge inspired by Seth Godin and his book "What to do when it's your turn" to … [Read More...]


I lost it. I don't know where exactly where the pink flip phone landed in the falling snow. There were inches or feet of cold, icy fluff … [Read More...]

How to reduce the fear of public speaking

The mere thought of public speaking – that is speaking in front of a large audience – sends my stomach into knots, and turns me into a cold, … [Read More...]


Begin again

I like to say: begin again. When you embrace a beginner's mind, it is humbling to experience your activities – things you do everyday … [Read More...]


From new to old

Baby photos. Baby toys. Baby shoes. Baby clothes. All things baby. Until you don't have a baby anymore. One day you look at your baby and … [Read More...]