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Granada CF team

Spanish-style soccer

Here in Granada, Spain, the boys practiced with two teams: Albolote soccer and Granada CF youth academy. The idea was to give the boys an … [Read More...]


Alhambra Adventure

Our merry band set forth one morning to  explore the Alhambra - an ancient web of palaces and fortresses built by the medieval kings of … [Read More...]

Granada futbol game – Kristine Bruneau

A night of futbol and tapas

  The evening of our arrival in Granada we attended a top division futbol match (of course) at Estadio Nuevo los Carmenes. Granada … [Read More...]

traveling with teens – Kristine Bruneau

Traveling with teenage boys

              Traveling with five teenage boys to Granada, Spain proved easier … [Read More...]


Come along with me to Granada, Spain

Life is about opportunities. The opportunity to travel to a foreign land is alluring for anyone who is curious about culture, but for five … [Read More...]