Poetry for Kids

Original Poems about animals, nature and silly stuff.

Green fuzz of spring

Green fuzz of spring
Creeps from brown claws;
Scrapes across gray –
Like a spirit
Awakened from
Its long slumber,
Trembling with hope.

I Slid Upon the Kitchen Floor

I slid upon the kitchen floor
And tumbled on my head
I skateboarded in the bathtub
Which nearly killed me dead

I drove a fire truck down the stairs
And smashed my mom’s good vase
I chased my dog around the house
Without an ounce of grace

I jumped upon my grandma’s bed
And fell into the sea
I careened through powdery snow
And body -slammed a tree

I leap-frogged from the diving board
And landed on my face
I shinnied up the high roof top
And soared right into space

I started up a bull dozer
And crashed into a car
I tried hard to catch a dragon
But snagged a shooting star

My mom just sighs and shakes her head
There’s always something new
To climb and jump or just explore
What’s a small boy to do?

Beneath the ground
Without a sound
They’re wiggly
And squiggly
Creeping along
In pulsing throng
Water and air
They move with care
To help flowers
At all hours
They’re nature’s plow
What are they now?