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You can read my published works in my Flipboard magazine (just click on ‘Read Magazine’ above). Flipboard is a nifty, powerful app that allows you to create your own magazine by pulling in your editorial content as well as content from other sources.

Democrat & Chronicle and HerRochester.com

D&C ROCLiving and HerRochester.com Wednesday, May 28, 2014
D&C ROCLiving–Wednesday, May 28, 2014

HerRochester.com–April 9, 2014
HerRochester.com–April 9, 2014
D&C ROCLiving September 16, 2013
D&C ROCLiving
September 16, 2013
Meet-ups for Moms
D&C ROCLiving–October 2013

Rochester Magazine

Proud to be a contributing writer to this award-winning publication. Recently, Rochester Magazine won two awards from New York News Publishers Association for 2013–Distinguished Specialty Publication  award and Distinguished Specialty Publication Feature Writing (Kudos to colleague Melissa F. Pheterson for writing feature story entitled “The Abduction” in April, 2013).

Rochester Magazine Cover February 2014
Rochester Magazine Cover February 2014

I can now check “cover model” off my bucket list (it wasn’t on in the first place, but what the heck.) More importantly, I can say that I wrote the cover story for the February 2014 issue of this exceptional publication, and am humbled to be in the presence of so many talented folks who work hard month after month to produce the magazine.

Rochester Magazine - April 2013
Rochester Magazine – April 2013

“Don’t scarf the chocolate,” appeared in Rochester Magazine’s April 2013 issue on page 8. You can’t read it online unless you buy the app for the iPad (available on iTunes). However, if you subscribe to my blog (hint: join the list to the right), you can read the article for free! Once you’re finished reading, why not go out and buy a copy of Rochester Magazine or the iPad app? Oh, and don’t forget to try the chocolate!



Rochester Woman Magazine

Rochester Woman Magazine - January 2013.
Rochester Woman Magazine – Jan.  2013
Rochester Woman Magazine - March 2013.
Rochester Woman Magazine – March 2013
Rochester Woman Magazine – April 2013








“100 Word Book Reviews”  debuted in the January 2013 issue of  Rochester Woman Magazine on page 53.  The column appeared somewhat regularly throughout 2013.

The April installment of  “100 Word Book Reviews” appears on page 65 of Rochester Woman Magazine and features books by women, including local author Kathy Porter’s “Love Always Wags its Tail.”

The March installment of “100 Word Book Reviews” appears on page 50 of Rochester Woman Magazine and highlights the Writers & Books annual reading program “If All of Rochester Read the Same Book…”

Rochester Woman Magazine - February 2013.
Rochester Woman Magazine – Feb. 2013.
Leading with Gratitude: Susan Roberts
Leading with Gratitude: Susan Roberts

“Leading with Gratitude” – a conversation with Bausch + Lomb executive vice president and chief compliance officer Susan Roberts appeared in the February 2013 issue of Rochester Woman Magazine. Additional content posted in: “Lessons from a friend” February 2, 2013.




Rochester Woman Magazine - November 2012.
Rochester Woman Magazine – Nov. 2012
An Intimate Look at the Nutcracker
An Intimate Look at the Nutcracker

“An intimate look at The Nutcracker”  feature story appeared in the November 2012 issue of  Rochester Woman Magazine on page 12.  Additional content posted in: “An intimate look at The Nutcracker Ballet for Rochester Woman Magazine” November 5, 2012.


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